APT Solutions

APT is providing solutions for companies using plastic materials across the medical, composite, recycling and pharmaceutical sectors.

Research Students

Martin Forde


Martin holds a BSc honours degree in Pharmaceutical Science from Athlone Institute of Technology. Martin is currently working on multi materials for multi drug dosage forms specifically tailored to provide the independent, simultaneous release of a diverse range of drug compounds from a single platform. This includes:

  • Polypills for the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease
  • Development of a multi drug dosage form that is an intravaginal ring for multi-purpose prevention

Romina Pezzoli


Romina is a Materials Engineer Specialising in Polymers and is currently undertaking a PhD focusing on Amorphous Solids and Composites with emphasis on:

  • Development of Novel Amorphous Solid Dispersions to improve the dissolution of poorly soluble drugs through the use of hydrophilic polymers as carriers.
  • Evaluation of the effect of the manufacturing method over the stability and phase behaviour of the solid dispersions.

Andrew Healy


Andrew holds a BSc (Hons) in Pharmaceutical Science from AIT and is currently undertaking a research masters in the area of polymers and nanocomposites with his project entitled:

Development of a novel bioresorbable nanocomposite for use in implantable medical devices

  • The project aims to develop a novel bioresorbable nanocomposite polymer based material which will have inherent characteristics that make it suitable as an implantable medical device.
  • It also looks at utilising an additive manufacturing technique, fused deposition modeling (FDM), as a method of implant fabrication.

Evert Fuenmayor

Evert has a Bachelor’s hons Degree in Mechanical Engineering from La Universidad del Zulia (Zulia’s University) from his native Venezuela and his research is focused on enhancing the understanding of how the additive manufacturing processes impacts the performance of drug dosage forms and the improvement of the designs of such.

Dean Hurley


* Developing a more rigorous understanding of the mechanism of amorphous phase stabilisation and to better control the properties (e.g., miscibility, Tg, stability) of BCS class II compounds in formulations.

* Researching the physical stabilisation of the amorphous form of drugs in solid dispersions as a function of: (1) drug polymer miscibility (2) system thermodynamics and Tg, (3) intermolecular drug–polymer interactions in solid dispersions.

* Creating a predictive design space for solid dispersions within HME and spray drying processing, rather than relying on empirical approaches that are still prevalent in industry.

* Evaluating differences in outcomes between spray drying and HME processes in terms of solid dispersion physical stability under the following; “processability”, powder flow, agglomeration and compression.

Ian Rogers


Ian holds a BSc in Physics Technology from Dublin Institute of Technology and his current research interests are:

  • Development of Novel PET fibres and Characterisation of recycled PET for an industrial partner
  • Reactive Extrusion to adjust the melt properties of recycled PET
  • Recycled flake characterisation to increase production efficiency

Shane Halligan

Melt Processed Smart Polymer Composite Drug Delivery Systems
  • Utilising hydrophyllic polymers as a means of enhancing the solubility of poorly water soluble drugs.

Maurice Dalton

Development of novel melt processed drug delivery devices that control the release of active pharmaceutical agents.
  • Utilising hydrophyllic polymers as a means of enhancing the solubility of poorly water soluble drugs.


Zhi Cao

Development of New Lightweight Polymer Composites of High Density

    • Novel fillers and reactive extrusion techniques are been developed to enable the production of light weight polymer parts.


  • This project is in collaboration with industry and field trials using material advancements will commence shortly.


Conor Coffey

Development of the next generation of easy to use Extended Release supplement/antiparasitic agent delivery Technologies

  • Development of easy to use controlled delivery system for use in cattle

Yuan Yuan Chen

Development of drug eluting biodegradable nanocomposite for use in
coronary stents

  • High strength materials are under development for use in the treatment of coronary artery disease.

Elaine Kenny

Processing and characterisation of polymer blends to develop a suitable implant for tissue engineering applications.

  • Various materials have been melt blended to tailor both the degradation rate and the mechanical properties of the resultant material to produce an osteoconductive-osteotransductive scaffold for use in bone

Crevan O Donnell

Development of a standard testing protocol for PET recyclate and methods of adding value to the post consumer resin

  • Test protocols have been developed and validated for use in the recycling industry to ensure a high quality recyclate is obtained in accordance with best international practice.
  • These protocols have been installed into the processing facility of the industrial partner.